Saturday, August 1, 2015

Quotes of Shawn Bartholomae about Oil and Gas

Shawn Bartholomae is the CEO of Pro Ak and one of the senior partner of Silver Tusk Oil, talks about oil and gas many times. Some of his famous quotes are listed below.

Things have changed for the industry. The formerly held beliefs embracing the principles of Peak oil are no longer valid.

Advances in science and current production methods are enhancing the output levels of our petroleum resources. As little as ten years ago, tight oil or shale oil, were not even considered a part of a nation’s stated reserves. These newer technologies are giving the oil and gas industry a new face

The former planners and policy makers failed to adequately consider the magnitude of the non- conventional production revolution. These changes fully embraced the changes offered by a highly innovative science

A reliable and competitive oil and gas industry is critical to a healthy economy.

Source: Quotes of Shawn Bartholomae and Silver Tusk Oil