Thursday, October 17, 2013

Bartholomae Sees Alternative Energy Investment Declining

Shawn Bartholomae

Following the alternative energy markets will reflect the some downward trends according to Shawn Bartholomae, CEO of Prodigy Oil and Gas Company of Irving, Texas.

Clean energy has fallen for the third quarter all across the board in the U.S., China and Europe a Bloomberg report states. This decline is for the second consecutive year. The largest decline occurred in America which saw its investments decline 41 % as compared to a year ago. Clean energy investment in China has fallen from $13.8 billion to $13.0 billion.

Europe is reeling from a double shock as subsidies were reduced. This is occurring at a time when cheap natural gas, much of it from America, is hitting the market. The shale production from the fields in the U.S. is significant and shows no sign of declining.

Some really good news clean energy and gas production is that overall solar photovoltaic capacity looks to set an all time high. This can happen even at a time frame where the total investment in such could drop. This is due to a decline in the cost of technology.

The increase in natural gas production moves the market towards a cleaner environment as natural gas and the LNG is a clean burning fuel.

The wind production tax credit is set to expire. The turbine manufacturing industry and the tower plants have had a business slowdown. Lay offs are being felt in these industries.

Here too is an example where increasing technological abilities have worked, side by side, with the oil and gas industry to bring more energy at lower costs.

Best of all, the American consumer is the winner.

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